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Pastured Pork

About our pork...

Our pork is from heritage breed pigs that are suited for raising and growing in outdoor conditions.  We feed only non-GMO feeds, along with their pasture rotations, garden produce, and barley fodder in winter months.  In the pastures, you'll find them munching on hickory nuts, walnuts, apples, and more.  You will immediately notice a difference in flavor and texture in pork raised this way. Quality meats and products are what we are all about!  Our pork is processed at a USDA inspected facility, unless otherwise arranged for whole animals.

Custom Cut Halves or Whole


Whole or half pork available for your custom cutting instructions.  You communicate directly with the processor, and get exactly what you want.


Pricing is by hanging weight, you pay processor separately.

Pork Sampler Bundles

Our pork sampler bundles give you a little of everything to try without committing to a larger quantity.  Samplers generally consist of chops, bacon, ham or ham steaks, roasts, and a variety of sausages.

Pork bundles are priced per bundle, processing included.

Contact us to find out our next pork availability!

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