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Plum Creek Silvofarm


Our Farm...

When we moved to this property in 2010, we had no intention of farming/ranching, we just wanted a nice property to enjoy.  Almost immediately, we seemed to be at battle with dead and dying trees, along with an ever-growing brush layer making it difficult to enjoy much of the property.  Quite quickly, we realized we need to find a way to improve these issues, and work with the land instead of against it.

With plenty of experience with animals, we decided we needed to bring in some 4 legged laborers.  In 2011 we brought in our first cattle, in 2012 we added goats.  Seeing what these 2 species could do, and researching further into the reasons for the dying trees and brushy influx, we sought out more help in developing a management plan.

Amongst other things, our research led us to Silvopasture, an agroforestry practice that involves the integration of grass, trees, and livestock in an intensely-managed system.  


Our Story...

After over 20 years as a professional horse trainer, Travis decided to shift his focus to studying our property's ecosystem, how to improve it, and how to produce high quality products from it in the process.  We are constantly learning and evolving as a farm and are always adding new products and growing techniques.

Some of our products sold to date have been:  grass-fed beef, lamb, and goat; pastured pork; free range poultry products (duck, goose, guineas, and chickens); log grown mushrooms; firewood and timber; along with a variety of fruits, nuts, and veggies from our no till gardens and permaculture landscapes. 

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