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PCS Brushing and Grazing

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Whether tackling invasives and undesirables, trying to reclaim recently afforested lands, or looking for alternatives to herbicides and man-hours of mowing and mechanical work, we have a 4-legged laborer eager to help you out. When managed properly the animals are allowed to do what nature intended, thus filling the void of what is often times missing in our landscapes. These missing pieces leave openings for other unwanted species to take over.  In some cases, these species are simply opportunists, others seek to heal the soil/environment, and others are just down-right greedy.  Read on below for more on our approach.

Alternatively, if you are interested in adding livestock to your property, or even starting a grazing for hire business and need a hand choosing animals or learning how to manage and care for them, we're here to help! From choosing livestock, to fencing and stockmanship lessons, there is a lot to consider.  The more correctly managed animals working our landscapes, the better for improving our ecosystem! 


Brush Mitigation

Yes, goats will kill Buckthorn (if managed and timed properly), this has been widely publicized recently.  But, there are also many more woody plants that can be problematic to landowners as well, and goats love them all! Targeted control at the right time of year, and proper follow up (frequency) is the only way to ensure a lasting effect.

Also, not so widely known or discussed is all of the other animals that may be as (or more) efficient and beneficial to your property.  We do not think only goats, we think big picture, and are willing to include sheep, cattle, pigs, and more if one of these species better suits your property and targeted species.

Beyond "Brush"

Terms like "brush" or "weeds" many times generalize plants a little to vaguely.  We usually prefer the terms "misplaced", "undesirable", or "unwanted", mainly because it doesn't immediately set the tone that they should all be killed, whatever means necessary, with no thought as to the repercussions and residue that may be left behind.  

In lawns and pastures, often times your issues may be a forb, or a thistle, or an annual grass.  In other situations your problem may be prickly ash, brambles, burdocks, or types of mustards.  Each of these may require different species and techniques to manage.


"Leave no trace..."

Although nice "goat-proof" fencing is great to save us time and you money, many of the sites we work in are not fenced, nor have water access.  Partially because the areas are overgrown, and some times simply because the landowner does not want a permanent infrastructure.  We are set up to be totally temporary and all that will be left behind is as much desired plant residue as discussed, and an evenly distributed fertilizer application.

Not only will our animals "mow", but also fertilize, aerate, level things like gopher mounds, and speed the composting of any decaying plant matter, all while doing what they naturally do! 

Please fill out the form below so I can get to know more about you and your goals.  I look forward to working with you!

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