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Other Products

In addition to quality meats, we are always adding and experimenting with new products.  Interested in something not listed?  Feel free to let us know, so we can look into it or point you in the right direction.

Free Range Eggs

Our barnyard mix of free-ranging chickens produce an abundance of beautiful, tasty eggs. They are fed an all-natural complete ration in addition to their barnyard area scratches and pecks.  


Garlic and Potatoes

Currently building seedstock of German Extra Hardy Garlic and Fingerling Potatoes. Both tend to grow well in our soil and compost raised-row gardens.


Cut and split fire-place quality wood

We generally have a good supply premium quality mixed-hardwood fireplace wood for sale.  All a result of our silvopasture-conversion projects.  Occasionally an excess of bonfire/boiler wood as well. 


Honeyberries, Jostaberries, raspberries, apples and more!

Still in very young form, our perennial fruit bearing landscapes show promise in future production potential.  All varieties are chosen for hardiness, disease resistance, easy utilization, and to be staggered throughout

the season.  

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