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For Equine Facilities

No matter what discipline you are involved in, or what scale of operation you have, the nature of horses make every aspect of owning/caring for them unique compared to many other species of livestock.  Construction, fencing, pasture management, and winter care are just a few of the things that may be problematic if not done properly. Not only does a poor plan cause undue stress and workload, but may also be potentially unsafe to you and your horses.  No matter what type of budget you have, I can help you plan, design, execute and understand what goes in to building and maintaining an enjoyable, productive, and safe horse facility.    

In addition to consulting services  below, ( when time allows)   we  offer   short term chore help,  

emergency  chore help,  hauling, and a variety of other services to  current   consulting customers.

Feel free to reach out for  more information!


Horse Owner Basics 

Feeding and nutrition programs, manure management, chore help, feed/hay/bedding sourcing & transport, weather & other emergency preparedness plans can all be a big deal when the time comes especially if you are new to caring for horses. Make sure you're prepared to handle anything that may come your way!


In addition, a few common topics I address are: sales, leasing, and purchase considerations; tack and equipment fitting; trailering, hauling, loading; handling and restraining for veterinary and farrier work, low-stress stockmanship techniques, as well as safety concerns in regards to facilities.

Facilities Management

Running a facility as efficiently as possible, not only saves time and money, but also enhances your work-life balance leading to less stress on you and, in turn, less stress on your animals.

Even without big/new/expensive equipment, your facility can run like clockwork with a good plan and attention to detail.

Adding practices like composting, bulk sourcing/sharing, hay flexibility and knowing when to hire out vs DIY, just to name a few can all play a big role in the bottom line of your facility. 

Safety check-ups and liability concerns from "outside eyes" are always beneficial.


Stalls/Stables, Shelters, Buildings

Whether you're updating or repurposing an existing building or starting from scratch, a well thought out plan is crucial to the productive efficiency and safety of your facility.

Ventilation, lighting, door/windows, and overall floor plan considerations often make the difference between the feel of a "shed" that your horses live in,  and a stable they call home.

My guidance in sturdy and "horse-proof" construction can save you a lot of headache in the long run and help you avoid costly repairs and vet bills.

Riding Arenas

Indoor or outdoor, large or small, round or square, having a safe and well-maintained arena is a very important part of most equine facilities.  

Discipline and purpose-specific arena construction is often times unknown or overlooked by general excavators.  Not only can this be frustrating, but it can also lead to poor performance and soundness issues.  


Proper drainage, a good base, correct footing, and suitable maintenance equipment can ensure you get the most usage of your arena.


Turnouts, Paddocks, and Pastures

Whether you're housing 5 horses or 50, layout, design, construction, and maintenance of your turnouts, paddocks, pastures, feeding and watering areas is very important.  This is especially apparent during muddy seasons, bitter cold/snowy winters, extreme heat events, etc.

I can help you with your design to make the day-to-day choring as efficient, comfortable, and safe as possible.

Please fill out the form below so I can get to know more about you and your goals.  I look forward to working with you!

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